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Family, Personal Development / Friday, October 19th, 2018

I was laying in bed this morning listening to the kid and dogs being crazy downstairs. Then all of a sudden, an overwhelming feeling of guilt came over me. Glancing at the clock, it said 9:30 am! I started panicking and going over my long to do list in my head. Moms don’t sleep this late and let their husbands get up every morning with the kids. That’s not how its supposed be. I see moms all over Facebook waking up super early to work out, do laundry, and have their Me Time. I should be doing so many other things to have some Michelle Time.

What I feel like I should be doing 

Mom Guilt

We as moms, are so good at feeling guilty about things we shouldn’t feel guilty about. This morning I felt guilty that I didn’t get up super early. Which led to guilt about not working out and guilt that my husband was watching the kids, not me. I felt guilt about the laundry and not making the kids breakfast, the list is really too long to go over all of it. I know I’m not the only mom out there that deals with the mom guilt. Mom guilt has taken up permanent residence in my brain.

Honesty Time

I don’t go out for girls nights near enough. It has been forever since we’ve had a date night. Homeschooling the kids means I’m with them all day long. My husband doesn’t get off work until later so I’m the one who take the kids to all their activities, which includes keeping one or more of the other kids occupied while the activity is going on. And, while we’re on the subject, I’m also the one who gets up with kids during the night for potty breaks, bad dreams, or to just check on them and see if they’re breathing! Point is, why on earth do I feel guilty for sleeping in until 9:30?

Michelle Time

I have no reason to feel guilty for sleeping in and I’m no longer going to feel guilty for that. I figured it out. Sleeping in was my Michelle time! It was one of the few times of the day where I was alone and not worrying about the kids. My husband willingly wakes up with the kids in the AM, so no reason to feel guilty there. I get up frequently during the night while my husband sleeps uninterrupted, so no more guilt there. I’m don’t need to worry about the kids because they are with the one other person in this world that I trust unconditionally so I can let go and rest my brain.

This is how my Michelle time looks right now. This is what my body and mind need. They need rest. I know my me time will look differently as the demands of my “job” change and my kids grow up. For now, I’ve decided to be okay with sleeping in when I get the chance. I actually really enjoy completely spreading out in our king sized bed. The room is dark and it’s simply quiet except for the fan. It’s very peaceful.

What my bedroom looks like right this minute :0


What does your me time look like right now?



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