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Personal Development / Friday, October 5th, 2018

This is hardly a topic deserving of a blog post but can I please just tell you something… Ya’ll, I’ve discovered podcasts! This girl was completely late to the party but seriously they have been life changing for me! I had been searching for books and techniques to help me in my personal growth journey and this had been exactly what I was looking for!

There isn’t a specific memory that I can remember which made the light bulb come on. I had been spending hours and hours on Pinterest (my soulmate) searching for books about various topics. Topics ranging from parenting, blogging, branding, photography, to starting your own business. That’s when I found a post that said something to the effect of 5 or 10 podcasts for boss babes. Then it was a domino effect. I remembered there was a podcast app. It was an app that I had shoved to the very last page thinking that I would never use or need it. I immediately retrieved it and started exploring the app. There is a “Browse” page where you can start searching and I saw that one of the top podcasts was by Rachel Hollis. That was the author of the book I had been reading recently. I started to listen to her podcast while searching for more. It was a goldmine! I had stumbled across so many podcasts that covered every topic I had been searching for. This was it for me!

I was totally hooked. I could find podcasts on every topic I had been looking for. They were free and a lot of the time they were women or parents who had been exactly where I am now. Searching for every resource out there to help with their picky child who won’t eat dinner, reviews on the latest home school trends, lonely stay at home moms who are feeling alone, and stay at home moms looking to grow a small business but don’t know where to start. I literally found everything I had been searching for.

The most amazing part about podcasts are their availability. I can listen while I’m cooking dinner, watching the kids at practice, writing, or driving the kids to activities. It was a struggle finding the time to read books. I used to read before bed, then I had kids. That changed everything! Now once I get the kids to bed I’m so mentally tired that I just want to veg out and think about nothing. I’m usually playing on my phone while I wait for the first kid to have a bad dream or need help going potty. Horrible habit I know! When I would try to read books at night my eyes would struggle to focus. I would read the same sentence over and over again. Then the next night I couldn’t remember what I had read the night before and I had to start over again. It wasn’t working for me so for this phase of my life, podcasts rock!

I haven’t even remotely scratched the surface yet I know. There are so many podcasts that I still want to listen to. I’m still figuring out who I love to listen to. Who has relevant and frequent content but I’m very much looking forward to exploring this trend further. I’m working on a post that will feature my favorite podcasts for those of you like me who are late to the party and looking for a place to start! Who knows, maybe someday I’ll have my own podcast!


Have you all been listening to any amazing podcasts lately? I want to know what you’re loving right now!

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