Farm House Signs For Our New Home

Home Decor / Monday, October 1st, 2018

Thanks to Chip and Joanna, the farmhouse movement has not only taken over HGTV and the world, but it has taken me right along for the ride.  There’s something about the classic farmhouse style that makes houses feel warm and inviting. Now I’m definitely no Joanna Gaines and having that perfectly imperfect décor just wouldn’t work for our family nor is it in our budget so a few strategically placed farm house signs was a great alternative.

We moved into our new house about 3 months ago. We are still in the process of making our house a home. Those who are also military know exactly what I mean! We rent the house we are currently living in and we have fabulous landlords who are letting us make ourselves at home. We decided after our first PCS(military move) that we were not going to purchase a home until we were done moving every few years. That’s what we decided works best for our family.  When you rent and move frequently, it makes homing up your house much more challenging.  Typically we don’t waste time or energy painting the houses that we rent. I think the only two times we have painted were in the kids nurseries because, you know, you have to, right? As soon as we found out where and when we were moving I was on the hunt for a house for us. I was so extremely lucky and I found the perfect fit almost immediately. Once I got that in line I started pinning. You all know what I mean! I was on Pinterest almost every night after the kids went to bed looking for inspiration for our new house. This is probably the first time in our grown up life that I’ve wanted to decorate our home.

We have been using some of the same Kirkland’s artwork from our first home back in 2011. I finally felt like we had graduated beyond that. We were more mature and our tastes had changed, along with our family.  The farmhouse look has been a favorite of mine for awhile now. I was pinning quite a few Farmhouse looks on Pinterest, so I knew that was the direction I was going to go. It just so happened that I saw a Facebook post from Purple Dog Designs , on a yard sale page from a military spouse who specializes in sign making. I immediately went to her page to check out her work and to see what she had available. There it was, I found the perfect sign to go in our kitchen above our new farm style table (post about that soon). “The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table”.  Needless to say, I purchased it right away and it looks amazing in our kitchen. I love it!

Next I ordered a custom sign with song lyrics from one of my husbands favorite  90s songs. It went great with our anniversary and fathers day gifts. I had small paintings done of all of the houses that we have lived in together. I started with our first home together and ended with the current house we rent. 4 beautiful paintings that I couldn’t be more happy with! The sign I had made was a perfect addition to our wall of houses. It gives us plenty of room to add any other houses we live in and should go very well on most any walls.


Our bedroom has been a 9 year work in progress! It was an area that had a confused identity, especially after kids. It was almost impossible to keep it looking nice a coordinated. There were always kids clothes, kids blankets, a pack n play, lotions, etc all over the place so we really never put the effort in. I finally had a vision when we moved into this house. The bedroom is far from finished but the curtains, Egyptian cotton sheets, duvet cover, and SOME of the artwork is in place. I ordered two custom above the bed signs that say “Sweet Dreams”. I feel like they look perfect in our bedroom! We still have a long ways to go but I’m definitely starting to feel like this house is a home! As we get more and more settled, I’ll post more updates and tips for making your house feel more homey!

If you’re interested in having some signs made, I encourage you to check out Purple Dog Designs. She does fantastic work! You can contact her on her Facebook page or find her on Instagram @PurpleDogDesigns.

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