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Fitness Journey / Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

Today we went and explored Ft. Campbell a little bit. By explored, I mean drove around because it was rainy and the kids had a very rough night last night for some reason. There was at least one child up for some reason or another every hour last night. I actually ended up bringing everyone into our bed and kicking my husband out and to the guest room so he could get some sleep. I blame the weather or the kids being hungry after they decided that homemade spaghetti sauce wasn’t up to their standards! Either way, it was a long night.

We stumbled on a bunch of helicopters and planes and even a tank from the past so we let the kids out to look around. They ran up to each one asking about what they were and what they did. Then they wanted to climb under them and on them. It quickly became apparent that they needed another outlet for their mass amount of energy. We loaded them up and headed to the store. It was our one errand for today because we only needed a few things. Should have been an easy trip, right? How wrong we were! We had multiple meltdowns in our short trip that ended with me dragging all 3 of them to the car so my husband could finish the shopping trip alone. By the time we got home I was ready for a break!

Day 21 out of 21 of my first 21 day fix was today. Luckily it was Yoga Fix day. My body needed a break and some major stretching and centering. When I do yoga, I like to find a quote, scripture, mantra, etc that speaks to my heart at the time. I focus on that and breathe that in and out. I don’t know why but it works for me! Today, what spoke to me was, this is my only life. It wasn’t a quote that I found, I don’t think but it spoke to me. I meditated on that phrase today because this is my only life. I want to live it to the fullest that I can. It made me think of all the goals I had for both myself and my kids. It was a really good session. This session was very cleansing and uplifting. Yoga makes me happy! I love that I’m ending this 21 day fix session with yoga, my favorite. I’m now looking forward to my next round of 21 day fix. I’m starting a group on August 3 if anyone wants to join me? We can do it together because I don’t know about you, but I need accountability when I work out!

Despite the breakdown at the grocery store, today has been a great day. I love Sundays. We had family time, I exercised (10 min abs and yoga fix) with the kiddos, I got a chance to sit in my new office and write, and we’re having 21 day fix approved meatloaf with mashed cauliflower and brussel sprouts for dinner. Yum! I’m super pumped to try out this new recipe. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

¬†This is my before and after from this round of 21 day fix! I’ve lost 5 pounds and 3 inches… That is with a few days of cheating or messing up! It may not look like much but I feel 100 times better than I did when the first picture on the right was taken!


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