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Fitness Journey / Saturday, July 21st, 2018

As everyone has noticed, I’ve been a bit MIA recently. I kind of fell into a funk and felt like my life wasn’t interesting enough to post on a blog. Along with that, we moved across the country and I was feeling very blah overall. It was not a fun time to say the least. More on that below…

To be more specific, I had zero energy. I couldn’t keep up with the kids anymore. I was hitting my wall around 3 pm and I had turned into a mom zombie.My diet consisted of coffee until around 1pm, then I moved onto chips, chex mix, goldfish, whatever leftovers the kids had, or nothing at all. Then at dinner time I would basically carbo load like I was running a marathon the next day (which I was not haha)because I had starved myself all day. Oh yea, and when I wasn’t chugging coffee, I was sipping on a coke to try and get enough energy to make it through the rest of my day. As if that wasn’t enough, my face was dull and lifeless. It had no glow to it, no matter what amount of products I slathered on my face. I looked tired and twice my age. I tried working out here and there but I basically wandered around the gym pretending like I knew what I was doing or trying out SEVERAL workout dvd’s that left be completely bored and unmotivated. I tried a bunch of different protein shakes and meal replacement shakes that literally made no difference at all. I knew I wasn’t living a healthy lifestyle and it was affecting me on every level. It was only a matter of time before my kids started picking up my bad habits. That was something neither my husband nor I wanted for our family. We needed to make a change but neither of us knew where to start.

Around that time I had started getting to know my daughter’s speech teacher a little bit better. She is one of those people that draws you in with their glow. Do you know what I mean?? Those people that are positive, happy, and put out this giant welcome mat to everyone. Those people that everyone wants to be friends with.One of those people that I desperately aspired to be. She’s one of those people and I really wanted to find out her “secret”. She told me that she had been exercising, using shakeology and was a Beachbody coach. I immediately thought, “omg, noooooo” and “I hate MLM” BUT…. and this is a big BUT…. I had tried everything else so far, literally everything, and nothing had worked for me. I was open and ready to try it out. I knew our family needed a lifestyle change and maybe just maybe this is what we needed.

Now, fast forward through the last 2 months. We’ve now been in our new house in our new city for about a month now! It’s been such a great change for our family. We went from El Paso to Middle Tenessee and we are loving every second of it! The shake up of our routine has given me the motivation to really set aside some time to work on myself and get healthy both mentally and physically. Once we got settled, she invited me to her accountability group to try out a beachbody program. I was still VERY skeptical about the whole thing but I was definitely willing to give it my all. I mean, I had a bag of shakeology already, from a previous coach, that I literally never touched, so what the heck, right? She and I talked and I decided to try 21 day fix because it wasn’t a “diet”, it was more about portion control and changing my negative relationship with food to a positive one. I started and went in full force. Reading the book she recommended for a mental workout and doing the exercises along with the meal plan. GUYS, I’m not joking, within a week I felt completely different! I was sleeping better at night, I was waking up with more energy and that energy lasted throughout the entire day! I had 1 to 2 cups of coffee in the morning because I wanted them, not because I needed them. I was getting stronger in my core. I had the support I needed to keeping going from the ladies in the accountability group and my coach. I was feeling more positive and happy. I felt that piece I had been missing slowly falling into place. My mind had been changed. I

I’m now on the last day of my 21 day fix and I can honestly say I have been converted. I feel better, I’m happier, I’m getting in shape, my kids see me working hard and pushing myself. This has been a life changing experience and I’m not done yet. I have big goals in my head on where I want to push myself next.

I’m starting another round of 21 day fix in a couple weeks because I feel like I need another go around of that to really challenge myself. I’m really hoping some of you would join me. I promise this is a 100% genuine post. My husband can even vouch for it. Those that know him, know that’s a HUGE DEAL!

Please reach out if you want to do this with me!


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