I love the Rain

Skin Care / Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Today started off a little rough to say the least. I slept through my alarm, it was storming and the thunder was scaring the boys, D was snack leader so I had to get the class snack prepared, we left at the time we were supposed to be getting to school, then sat in traffic for 45 min. We were so so late! I was so embarrassed at drop off. If you look up hot mess mom in the dictionary, my face would have been there!

But, as I was driving home, hating on the rain, I got to thinking that this used to be my favorite type of weather. In fact, I used to wish for this weather every single day. I was being grouchy and negative. This mama needed an attitude adjustment, bad! So I spent the entire car ride home trying to reset and refocus.

I thought about how I had been longing for this weather for the past couple months. Hoping for a day just like today. Rainy, cloudy, cool, and perfect! I thought about how much I loved the smell of rain and how clear the skies get after a rain storm.

I instantly felt my mood begin to shift so I kept going. I thought about how we overslept and how that frustrated me so much….well so what. While I don’t feel that kids being habitually late is a good thing. Once in a while it’s, okay. After all being sick yesterday, we must have all needed the rest. There’s something to be positive about. Rested kids=happy mama. The stress of getting a snack ready for D’s class was simply a waste of energy. D will be so excited to share his favorite snack with all of his friends at school and that’s all that matters. The extreme frustration from the massive traffic back up was just an excuse to spend more time with the kids. Listening to them sing along with Daniel Tiger is one of my FAVORITE things to listen to. It beats the radio any day! And my kids didn’t care about any of it…They actually loved running through the rain to the car and into school because mommy can’t find/probably doesn’t own and umbrella!

Right now, I’m curled up on the couch drinking my coffee and thinking that you know what, today isn’t that bad at all. I’m actually having a pretty good day.

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