Do I have to Adult today??

Family / Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Do you ever wake up before the kids, refreshed and recharged? Enjoy your coffee as the kids play nice and quietly, together, then clean up after themselves? You feel like the world is your oyster, you’re super mom and can tackle anything that life throws at you….?

Today, is not that day.

All of us are “sick”. I say “sick” because I have no idea what it is that we have, could be strep, could be a cold, could just be allergies, only thing I know is that we all feel like crap. The kids seem to be powering through this illness and they’re trying to drag me along with them. I really appreciate that kids, really. Meanwhile, all I feel like doing is sitting on the couch, chugging coffee to try and stay even remotely present today.

I think this is one of the biggest parts of being a stay at home mom that I struggle with. How do you do this job when you’re “sick”? I’ll let you know if I figure it out. So far the kids have trashed the house, had several yogurt pouches and bowls of dry fruit loops for breakfast so for today, I’d call that winning.

If any of you moms out there need an idea to keep the kids occupied for like 5 min, okay so it kept my kids busy for like 20-30 min, but that was today, it’s playdough! Seriously it’s our saving grace here. It gets brought out in dire emergencies when I just need to not entertain for 20 min.

This is one of our favorite Playdough sets. We’ve bought it a few different times…oops!

This is another one we’ve bought before and really liked!

We are headed to the Dr. today to figure out what bug is making it’s way through our house. Check out those playdough links and stay tuned for how I’m planning to prepare for Cold and flu season!!!

I wish we could all wear Fairy Wings to the Pharmacy?

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