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Family / Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

Today was supposed to be a relaxing day at home with all the kiddos. We only had speech for 2 of the 3 this morning and that was it!! So I thought the kids could use a break and spend the day playing quietly at home….I was wrong. By noon, the house had been destroyed 2 times over! The kids were screaming and bickering. There were hot wheels being “driven” down the stairs and the playroom was pretty much inaccessible because every toy in the play room was out. Honestly, the kids were driving me crazy but in all that chaos I found my little tiny slice of heaven. I pulled out the ipad (I know, I know screen time) and brewed my favorite coffee. Believe me, on this blog, I won’t even pretend to be that perfect Stay At Home Mom and sometimes you do what you have to do to keep your sanity. This morning/afternoon it was screen time. When I first started this mom gig, I tried SO SO hard to limit screen time and be the perfect mom with constant activities and crafts….but you know, that’s just not me, well most days that’s not me. Most days I’m just trying to survive until nap time/quiet time.

Anyways….. back to my favorite pass time…COFFEE!! So the kids were finally settling into their movie and starting to calm down for at least 5 min, until the boys started to lose interest, that is and I started to brew my coffee. It’s super simple and nothing special at all. I have this amazing coffee from a local winery that’s a pistachio coffee. It’s SOOOO GOOD! Then I add some french vanilla creamer and a teaspoon or so of cinnamon mixed in. All you need is your favorite coffee mug and it’s perfection!! Sometimes finding my center among all the chaos is as simple as your favorite cup of coffee and a little quiet time.

I’m obsessed with new coffee’s, what are some of your favorite’s????

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